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COCKTAIL cutlery is made out of 100% guaranteed Food Grade stainless steel, through state-of-the-art technologies, to fulfil our commitment of providing the highest quality products.

Even though stainless steel is stain resistant, it is not stain proof. Prolonged contact with acidic foods, as well as salt and water, may result in a tainted surface.

However, following is a guideline of a few things that can be done to preserve the striking appearance of your cutlery items.

Washing / Cleaning

Rinse Off

Rinse off the flatware promptly after every meal. Allowing acidic leftovers to dry on the cutlery may cause discolouration.

Use Liquid Washing

Do not use wire wool or washing powder, which can damage the metal. Instead, use a soft sponge and a mild washing liquid.

Extra Care with Knives

Stainless steel knives require extra care as they contain a higher carbon content which gives them a stronger and a sharper edge, but makes them more susceptible to corrosion.

Avoid Water for Hours

Do not soak the silverware in water for hours. Doing so loosens the knife handles and dulls the finish.

Dry Immediately

Dry the cutlery with a soft cloth immediately after washing. Setting the cutlery out to dry is the most common practice that results in staining and discolouration.

Hand Wash

While stainless steel, silver plated or gold plated tableware is dishwasher safe, it is highly recommended to hand wash the cutlery.

  • When using a dishwasher, never mix stainless steel and silver/gold plated cutlery in the same cycle.
  • Turn off the drying cycle as soon as the wash is finished and rinse each piece by hand to avoid staining.


Do not Bundle

To prevent scratches avoid bundling the cutlery.

Keep them Separate

Do not let silver or gold plated cutlery come into contact with stainless steel implements as this can cause corroding.

Careful Packing

Avoid wrapping silver/gold plated cutlery in plastic, aluminum foil or newspapers; and do not tie the items together with a rubber band

A high-quality cutlery set is a sophisticated addition to your dining table, and with the right care; it can retain its elegance for an extended time period.

We appreciate your choice of buying COCKTAIL – Quality Tableware

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